ECRM has a long history of designing and building complex laser based electro optical imaging and scanning systems. This skill set has been applied to a wide variety of industries. One recent project called for the design of a scanning system using a high-powered laser and a complex optical system to be used in a flat panel display application.
ECRM’s ability in designing and manufacturing laser based optical systems is next to none. ECRM has developed particular expertise in the design and construction of custom optical alignment fixtures that assure that performance is consistent and reliable through all production systems.
ECRM applies its longstanding skill set in building and aligning custom optical assemblies by providing manufacturing services for a LED design company. These LED modules are used in a variety of medical, commercial and industrial applications including 3D printing, vision and inspection systems and UV curing. ECRM is skilled in the proper handling, placement and alignment of optical components using custom designed alignment fixtures.
ECRM’s has expertise in the design and manufacturing of precision laser imaging and motion control systems with emphasis on low cost, low maintenance and high reliability. We are experts at the intersection of digital, analog, motion and optics. Our highly skilled manufacturing team is able to develop assembly and test procedures with special alignment techniques to consistently deliver a high quality, reliable robotic device.
ECRM has designed several critical electrical subsystems for a company specializing in water quality testing for hostile industrial processes. This includes a full electrical design, software programming, prototyping and managing the documentation and release process.
ECRM has worked closely with a manufacturer of a scanning/imaging product used in the security industry to cost reduce and provide value engineering services that resulted in lower cost and improved performance.
ECRM designs and manufactures electro-mechanical box builds for customers in a variety of industries. We are cost competitive, we develop value based designs with a focus on cost and manufacturability. We are experienced manufacturers with a complete understanding of quality, inventory management and delivery requirements.
ECRM’s long history as a supplier to the pre-press industry makes us an an excellent manufacturing partner for any company in this market. Over the years we have manufactured products or subsystems for companies such as Kodak, Fuji, Konica, Berthold and Sha-Ken. We are currently working on a 2 year program to provide over 400 imaging systems to a major Japanese supplier.