Converting your ideas into products

ECRM is the right partner for customers needing innovative support from prototypes to volume production. We are well known for imaging technology and are capable of doing subsystems, whole systems and instrumentation. And, we specialize in all aspects of scanning, optical design and laser systems. ECRM is capable of providing overall industrial design to ensure a user friendly contemporary image that’s fully functional.

Optical Design and Engineering

The core of ECRM’s technical expertise is in the development of optical systems. ECRM works closely with its customers to generate a specification for an optical system. Our optical engineers use sophisticated design tools (Zemax) to develop, optimized component specifications. As part of the optical design, electrical and mechanical engineers participate in the process to be sure that all aspects of the design are properly integrated and all tolerances are clearly defined. ECRM’s optical engineers work closely with qualified fabrication suppliers, both domestic and offshore, to optimize component specifications to address quality, cost and design for manufacturability, all resulting in a high-value/high quality optical system.
ECRM is expert in designing and building alignment fixtures that assure high quality, reliability and consistency in the manufacturing process. All optical assemblies are first built as prototypes to be sure that design specifications have been met and design for manufacturability issues have been addressed. Once complete a design is then released to production.
Working within an ISO13485 certified environment, quality is built in to the design and manufacturing process and are central to ECRM’ s ability to consistently produce highly reliable optical systems.

Electrical Engineering

Our team has many years of experience designing precision laser imaging and motion control systems, with emphasis on low cost, low maintenance and high reliability. We are experts at the intersection of digital, analog, motion and optics. We can help you with any stage of your project: concept, prototype, production, and product enhancement.

Design Expertise

Embedded Controllers: Microprocessors, Xilinx FPGA, USB
Motion Control: DC, BLDC and Stepper motor drives, open and closed loop, DSP, PLL, encoders
Opto-electronics: Laser diodes and LEDs, photodiodes and sensors, temperature controls
Imaging Systems: Clock generators, calibration and correction circuits, data buffering
Production Fixtures
Life Test Fixtures

Regulatory Compliance

We know how to design your product to comply with regulatory agencies around the world:
EMC Compliance: FCC, CE
Environmental Compliance: RoHS, WEEE

Documentation and Design Tools

Documentation:  Schematics, PC Board Fabrication Drawings and Gerber files, Test Procedures
CAD Software:  Mentor Graphics DxDesigner, Pads PCB
FPGA Software: Xilinx ISE, Xilinx EDK
Simulation Software: Pspice, ModelSim, HyperLynx LineSim

Mechanical Engineering

ECRM has decades of unique experience in the design of laser based optical systems, robotics handling mechanisms and precision imaging equipment.  ECRM’s design skills ensure that mechanical devices are well thought out, with manufacturability and field reliability as top priorities.
As an ISO 13485 certified company, ECRM manufactures production ready, robust systems to the highest possible production standards.  And it has an outstanding track record of manufacturing hundreds of defect-free precision devices per month.  Products for its customers will also be produced on a mutually agreed, and closely monitored, schedule; and at a competitive price.
Specific applications and experience include:
  • Imaging Systems
  • Medical Products, class 1 and 2
  • Fluid Analysis
  • Opto-mechanical Sub-systems
  • Robotics and Automation,
  • Web and Material Handling, Production Fixtures, Life Test Fixtures

Mechanical Design and Development Tools

CAD Software:  ProE Wildfire 3 with PLM Intralink 8, Creo 3 with PDM Essentials Windchill 10, SOLIDWORKS 2018 Premium, AutoCAD 2010 LT and Onshape. Onshape is a cloud-based tool allowing for collaboration anywhere in the world, amongst the entire team, on any device, deploys in minutes, with real-time multi-user editing and revision control.
FEA Analysis Software:  ProE Mechanica, Creo Simulate,  SOLIDWORKS Simulation and Onshape FEA.
CAD Model Translation Tools:  Creo Flexible Modeling Extension and Onshape allow direct import of many 3D CAD formats saving countless hours of remodeling. It allows rapid on the fly changes to your CAD files with easy creation of 2D drawings. Okino PolyTrans allows universal import/export of all major 3D formats.

Software Engineering

ECRM engineering can provide valuable assistance to all customers’ software and firmware needs.  The company has the resources and expertise to help you through product development from white paper design to a finished product.

Software Design

ECRM’s Software Design Team is extremely knowledgeable in designing systems used in laser scanning and imaging.  This includes user interfaces, system interconnectivity, diagnostics and machine control.  ECRM has extensive RTOS experience with embedded systems utilizing soft core processors to meet the most demanding requirements and can help design the right architecture to fit immediate needs with a keen eye to providing for future extensibility.

System Architecture

ECRM can assist in arriving at the best system architecture to meet customers’ product needs.   The company’s focus is on creating modular designs with an emphasis on low cost, low maintenance and high reliability.  Modules are designed to achieve an ideal balance between hardware and firmware while always keeping in mind the challenge posed by error trapping and recovery.  The modules fit easily into an RTOS environment for embedded control applications.  We have experience in developing system architectures that provide a lasting foundation for ease of development and future extensibility.

Software Expertise

Architectures: Modular designs achieving hardware / firmware balance
User Interfaces: Windows 32 and 64 bit
System Interconnectivity: 32 and 64 bit USB
Soft Core Processor: MicroBlaze
Code: Task based, modules and drivers
Diagnostics: Systems test, built in exercisers, calibration, error trap and recovery
Programming: Flash, JTAG remote node
Motor control: Stepper motors, DC , precision control
Laser systems: High speed data imaging, laser power and calibration control
Utilities: User programming, data base maintenance, diagnostics
ECRM designed products have a long service life reputation. Fundamental value engineering concepts are ingrained in our development processes. Prototypes and production samples are design optimized and rigorously tested to meet expectations. We are further supported by over fifty certified suppliers that represent capability in mechanical, optical, printed circuit boards, cable/harness assembly, hardware, rubber, electronic components and software commodities.
We are also capable of assuming full responsibility for product documentation and traceability requirements. ECRM is ISO 13485 certified for medical devices ensuring the highest standards for quality and accountability are followed in our production processes.
ECRM has global supply chain capability from Asia, Europe, Latin America and North America to assure our customers of highly competitive pricing. In addition we have a group of well-established New England suppliers capable of just in time manufacturing and delivery. Our rigorous new supplier screening process focuses on reliability, high quality manufacturing processes and in field performance. Supplier performance is measured through the CAPA (corrective action-preventative action) process.
Our focus is on manufacture of complex, high technology products and/or subsystems. We are ISO13485 certified for medical device manufacturing. We have state of the art production infrastructure, and a manufacturing team trained in six sigma, lean manufacturing techniques and inventory control. We are committed to continuous improvement, have a full service documentation control function, full traceability of all components/assemblies, and track all changes through engineering change orders.
We also are acutely aware that successful project outcomes depend on developing and maintaining close relationships with our customers, and we pride ourselves on being a “High Touch/Close Contact” manufacturing partner. We dedicate significant resources to detailed program management, which runs from the initial stages of product design, development, design validation and prototype verification through to first batch production and continuous manufacturing flow. GANT charts and timelines, regular “Performance to Budget” analyses, and specifically trained program management personnel keep our partner customers informed continuously and accurately on the status of all critical elements in the project.
ECRM’s overall goal is to ensure that our customers know that their business and product plans will be achieved through assured manufacturing performance, at the highest possible level of quality, and in a cost effective and timely manner.